Special issue „The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Transformative Change through the Sustainable Development Goals?“

Politics and Governance 2021, Volume 9, Issue 1, Open access
Edited by Thomas Hickmann, Markus Lederer, Jens Marquardt, Sandra Schwindenhammer and Sabine Weiland
Complete issue: www.cogitatiopress.com/politicsandgovernance/issue/view/239

Table of Contents:

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Transformative Change through the Sustainable Development Goals?
Sabine Weiland, Thomas Hickmann, Markus Lederer, Jens Marquardt and Sandra Schwindenhammer

I. The SDGs as an ‘Indivisible Whole’: Integration, Coherence, and Justice

The UN 2030 Agenda and the Quest for Policy Integration: A Literature Review
Basil Bornemann and Sabine Weiland

Promoting Policy Coherence within the 2030 Agenda Framework: Externalities, Trade-Offs and Politics
Alexander Brand, Mark Furness and Niels Keijzer

Assessing African Energy Transitions: Renewable Energy Policies, Energy Justice, and SDG 7
Franziska Müller, Manuel Neumann, Carsten Elsner and Simone Claar

The Great Discrepancy: Political Action, Sustainable Development and Ecological Communication
Dieter Konold and Thomas Schwietring

II. Challenges for SDG Governance: Norm Interpretation, Partnership, Science and Technology

Aligned Sustainability Understandings? Global Inter-Institutional Arrangements and the Implementation of SDG 2
Helmut Breitmeier, Sandra Schwindenhammer, Andrés Checa, Jacob Manderbach and Magdalena Tanzer

Transformation through ‘Meaningful’ Partnership? SDG 17 as Metagovernance Norm and Its Global Health Implementation
Elena Sondermann and Cornelia Ulbert

Scientific Knowledge Integration and the Implementation of the SDGs: Comparing Strategies of Sustainability Networks
Ulrike Zeigermann

SDG Implementation through Technology? Governing Food-Water-Technology Nexus Challenges in Urban Agriculture
Sandra Schwindenhammer and Denise Gonglach

III. Implementing the SDGs across Different Governance Levels

A New Generation of Sustainability Governance: Potentials for 2030 Agenda Implementation in Swiss Cantons
Basil Bornemann and Marius Christen

Conceptualizing Interactions between SDGs and Urban Sustainability Transformations in Covid-19 Times
Kerstin Krellenberg and Florian Koch

Locating Cities and Their Governments in Multi-Level Sustainability Governance
Thomas Hickmann